Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Windows Live Academic Search

Windows Live Academic Search is now up and running! According to CNet, the service should only cover three disciplines: physics, electrical engineering, and computer science. However, I did a few quick searches for international relations-related topics and found that searches in that area already turns up some useful items. [Type in "international relations" and more than 27,000 items come-up.] And I am sure they will contionue to expand the database.

One advantage of the service is the two-pane view. On the left are the search results. On the right you have three choices: Abstract, BibTeX, and EndNote. The default is Abstract. When you hover your mouse over any search result in the left pane the abstract and bibliographic information pops up in the right. I think that could prove to be very useful.

I haven't had a chance to discover all the features, but I encourage others to begin trying it out. Also, since all (?) Windows Live services are in beta this might be a good opportunity to make suggestions to Microsoft as well.

Happy Searching!

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