Monday, April 10, 2006

Academic Search Engines

Academic Search Engines

ResourceShelf reported today that Microsoft Academic Live Search will be released tomorrow (Tuesday). According to Dean Giustini, Microsoft Academic Search will allow users to search academic journals and databases. Eventually it will also include books in its search. Among the interesting features he describes includes the ability to import citations into software like EndNote and ways to customize the display of information.

Google Scholar is usually the first place I go when looking for academic information (with UC Berkeley’s library coming a close second). I look forward to seeing how Microsoft’s offering competes!

UPDATE: (10:30 am, April 11)
I'm still waiting for Microsoft Acadaemic Live Search to come online. ResourceShelf seems to have pulled its orginal post. But The Distant Librarian helps confirm that the rumor is strong. Channel 9 Forums goes even further and suggests the new url:

But it was not up as of 5 minutes ago. (Thanks to Findory for the links.)

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