Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Document Readers Part One

Reading Documents on Your Windows PC – Part One

An important part of having a paperless office is having the ability to read documents in their digital form.  Preferably, you want to be able to highlight and annotate them just as you would a paper copy.  

So in this post I want to review some of the software solutions that I have tried.  All of these programs can also be used with a Pocket PC, although Adobe Acrobat for Pocket PC is read-only.

I will use the following criteria in my posts:

  1. File formats.  Can I use the software to read (for example) .pdf, .doc, and various versions of webpages?  [the most important here is the ability to read .pdf files]

  2. Can I highlight and/or annotate?

  3. Is the software easy to use?

  4. Are document search features available?

  5. Are there additional features that add to its worth?

I test these products using my regular old Windows PC and my Pocket PC (both are Dell).  

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