Sunday, November 13, 2005

Introducing My Pocket PC

A little over a year ago I bought a PDA. To be more precise, I bought what is known as a Pocket PC. It drastically changed how I organize my life and work. The following is some general information on how I use my pocket pc and some links to other useful sources.

Ways I Use My Pocket PC

I almost never print documents anymore, I have a lighter load when I travel, and I am more organized. These are some of the ways I use my Pocket PC:

  • Taking Notes During Interviews (using PhatPad)
  • Reading, Highlighting and Commenting on Documents (using Repligo 2.0)
  • Writing and Editing (using TextMaker)
  • Reading News (using Avantgo)
  • Checking Email while traveling
  • Researching on the Internet while traveling
  • Entering and keeping track of appointments, contacts, and tasks (synchronizes with Outlook on my desktop)
  • Recording Interviews (it has a built-in microphone)
  • Listen to downloaded music (it acts as an MP3 player)
  • Watch converted DVDs and movies downloaded from the internet
  • Play games (comes with solitaire, of course)

See the Aximsite description of what you can do with your Pocket PC:

There are many different versions of the Pocket PC on the market. By some measures, the one I bought a year ago is already obsolete. It is a Dell Axim X30 (312 Mhz) and came with built-in wireless capabilities. I was able to purchase it for a little over $200. Another $30 bought me a keyboard from Ebay. I purchased a 256 MB SD memory card (for storing those songs and games and work documents) for about $30. For more on the X30:

Check it out at:

A Review At CNET

A Few Useful Pocket PC Websites:

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