Monday, April 24, 2006

Using EverNote for Academic Research - From GTD Wannabe

I have been meaning to write about notes management programs for some time now. Below is a post about how one dissertation writer uses EverNote to organize reading notes and other research information:

GTD Wannabe Reference Pages

I tend to enter most of my reading notes directly into EndNote. But I think the above might be a great solution for some people, especially since it is free!

I also use Microsoft OneNote for many of my other note-taking purposes. At some point I hope to do a bigger write-up about such note-taking solutions.

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At 10:05 AM, Anonymous Nate said...

StickyBrain is a system available on the Mac. It costs, but the Mac version of EverNote hasn't come out yet.

Additionally, on the Mac, we have "Spotlight", which is an integrated metadata search. type in a word, and the system will instantly pull all occurences, in names, content, etc. of files.

At 10:12 AM, Anonymous Nate said...

Also, Mac users might check out Journler, a journaliing system that can also work quite well for note management.


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