Thursday, November 10, 2005

Customizing your PC

Customizing your PC. Some cool tools.

This is my first substantive entry in this blog. Future entries will provide greater detail about individual tools. This one is a copy of a note I sent to a friend some time ago. It provides an overview of some of the ways you can make your desktop look cool.

Some time ago I really got into the idea of customizing the appearance of my desktop. One helpful resource was the following webpage: .

The screenshots on this page show examples of what can be done (the background images are pictures I took while in Switzerland in Fall 2004).

The software I used was all free!

Object Dock
: This is the bar at the top of the screen; available at There is a version of this software that has more features (but you must pay for it).

Desktop Sidebar
: This is the bar at the side of the screen; available at . The individual components can be “undocked” from the sidebar, as shown with the weather dock and others in the screenshots below.

available at . Here I am using "Kapsules Weather" and "Text Box"

This screen shot includes use of DeskSweeper which is available at:

I also like to use WinRoll, a program that allows me to minimize windows in special ways or make them translucent. There are a bunch of similar programs out there as well, if you look. WinRoll is available at:

Examples of WinRoll in use are in one of the screen shots below.

I also use WinAmp <> and its Minimo skin (with the translucency feature).


NOTE: Some of these features can affect the speed of your computer. To maintain faster boot-up times for my (two-year old) laptop I usually only have Object Dock installed.

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