Saturday, January 01, 2005

About This Site

I tend to find many ways to “usefully” avoid working on my dissertation. Throwing a party for grad student friends so we can all forget about the difficulties of academic life, fixing a piece of furniture for my wife, and using my new cell phone to keep in touch with old friends are all recent examples. But one thing I seem to do a lot is to think about ways I can get computers to do my work for me. Total success still eludes me but I thought I would start sharing what I have learned along the way. Topics in this blog should especially appeal to social science researchers but may appeal to geeks of other persuasions as well. Those topics include a range of items from reference managing software to web tools to cool toys for your pc. Most solutions are for Windows systems and Pocket PCs, but I have started playing with Linux as well so who knows?

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Let me also put a little disclaimer out there. I am not a computer expert, and have no special training. This is all stuff that I am gradually figuring out myself!